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Rhinestone Nail Art Guide - How To Achieve the Best Manicure Results

Rhinestone Nail Art Guide

The trend to put jewelry on your nails is getting popular with each passing day. Especially when we talk about nail art, we sure can say that it’s no longer just about putting fancy nail polishes or nail glitter, in fact, now people love using nail rhinestones too. It makes sense because with nail rhinestones, your nails will look more delicate

One of the best things about nail rhinestones is that they are very easy to attach. The only thing you need to focus on is having the right supply. If you have the right kind of adhesives and the right stones, you can make the best use out of them without any hassle.


Things to Consider When Buying Nail Rhinestones

The only problem with buying nail rhinestones is that there are too many options out there and you can easily get overwhelmed. If you look it up on the internet right now, you’ll see that there are literally hundreds of brands and nail rhinestone types out there. So the whole buying process can be a little overwhelming for you but when you know the things you need to consider, it’ll be easier for you to make a better decision.


As said earlier, nail rhinestones come in a variety of different designs and colors so you have to be very careful about what you pick. Chances are that you’ll easily be able to find the kind of design you are looking for. It’s just that you first need to do a lot of research and ensure that you are buying from a quality brand.


The quality of rhinestones matters just like any other jewelry that you buy. You don’t want to end up with the ones that crack or scratch easily, right? You want the kind that looks good for a long time and can help you flaunt your nails at parties and other such events. So if that’s what you want then opt for something quality instead of trying to find the ones that are cheap in price.


Just like there’s a lot of variety when it comes to the designs, the same is the case with the sizes of nail rhinestones. You’ll find different sizes in the market and this is again where you have to be careful about when you are buying. There’s no one size that fits all here. You have to choose the size as per your nails. If you have short or small nails then, of course, you need smaller rhinestones and if you have longer and bigger nails then you need to buy bigger rhinestones. Just first check the size of your nails and then buy the gems accordingly.

These are some important things you have to consider when buying nail rhinestones. When you check all these factors, we assure you that you’ll be able to land on the right kind of rhinestones that’ll help make your nails look really good.


The Right Size of Nail Rhinestones

Most beginners out there have trouble deciding the right size of nail rhinestones. Now as said earlier, there’s no one size that fits all but if we are talking about the most popular size then you should go for something that comes between 1.75mm to 1.85mm. You are supposed to choose the proper size based on the nail style you want. Some even offer smaller sizes but it’s hard to find them. With the smaller ones, the one advantage of which that you can avail yourself is that you can easily fit even 10 stones on your nails.

Rhinestone Nails-How to Apply Them - Guide

Now that you know about how to find the right nail rhinestones, it’s time to learn about their application and what you need to do to make sure that they stick properly. Let’s get started with the step-by-step guide so that even if you are a beginner, you know what to do with the gems.

Step1: Manicure and Base Coating

The first thing you need to do is clean your nails beds and make sure that there’s no residue or any previous nail color left over. Clean them properly and file the nails and then move towards the base coating. Apply the base color without curing but before that, make sure that your nail rhinestones are out of the packet and they are placed near you so that you can quickly apply them while your nail paint is wet.

Step2: Nail Rhinestone Application

Picking the rhinestone is the most difficult part but you can do it right if you have the right tools for it. Rhinestones are quite small so you have to use a tweezer, a dotting pen, a wood stick with base coat or a nail rhinestone picking tool that’s basically a pencil with a wax-based lead. Most people use tweezers as its available everywhere so you should use one too.


Step3: Decorating the Nails

The next step is where you decorate your nails. Now to make sure that it’s all done properly, it’s important that you first draw a mind picture of where you want the rhinestones to be placed while you are putting nail paint. When you know the spots and the kind of decoration you want, it just gets easier when it’s time for you to apply the stones. Now that you know the spots, use the tweezer and place your rhinestones on your nail one by one. Be very careful here and don’t rush the process. This is the step that requires you to stay calm and relaxed.

Also, you have to place the rhinestones while your nail paint is wet. If you fear that the stones will fall out then you can use some nail glue here. With nail glue, you can of course expect the stones to stick longer and stay in place for at least 4 to 5 days.

Step4: Last Coating

Now that you are done with the whole nail rhinestone application, it’s time that you apply the last final coat on top to secure the stones in place.

This is the process you have to follow when applying nail rhinestones. Now as you can see, the process isn’t as difficult as it seems and even you can easily do it at home. You don’t necessarily need any nail technicians to help you here because it’s a very simple and basic process.


What’s the Average Amount of Time Rhinestones Stay on Fingernails?

For a beginner, the whole nail rhinestone application can be a little scary. You might worry about the rhinestones falling off all the time and you would want to know how long they’ll stick to your nails. Well, the answer depends all and all on the adhesive or glue that you are using. Usually, when you use the right glue, the rhinestones can stick to your nails for at least 2 weeks straight.
Also, it’s obvious that if you have a lot of water based chores to do every day and keep your hands in water often then the rhinestones will fall off. No matter what glue or adhesive you use, the stones might fall off if you use your hands a lot. So if you want the manicure and the stones to stick then be careful about how much water you are exposing your nails too.


Gel vs. Regular Polish under Your Rhinestone Nail Art-What’s Better

Gel polish is always a better option especially if you are looking for something that’ll help the rhinestones stick longer. A hard gel base will secure the stones in a better way than the regular nail polish with regular base coating.
With gel polish under the stones, you can expect your crystal manicure to last for at least 2 weeks but with regular nail polish, you’ll start witnessing cracks within a week or so.

Applying the Top Coat

Most people think that they have to apply the top coat on the rhinestones which isn’t true at all. For small rhinestones, you can first apply a base coat and then stick the rhinestones on. After curing under the lamp, apply top coat and curing again. For large rhinestones, the procedure is the same, but no top coat is required after the first curing. If you want the rhinestone to last longer on your nails, apply nail glue to the edge of the rhinestone before curing again.

Best Tips to Make Your Rhinestones Last Longer On Your Nails

Now that you know about how to apply nail rhinestones and whether gel polish is better for you or if you should opt for regular polish, it’s time to learn some important tips. With these tips, your crystal manicure will last longer so take notes and make sure to follow them;

Use the right adhesive because that’s the one important thing that decides how long the rhinestones will stick on your nails. The gel is one of the most popular options out there and most people use it so you should also give this one a try as it can help your rhinestones last longer on your nails.


  1. The place is another important factor that matters when you are applying rhinestones to your nails. If you want the stones to stick longer, then make sure to apply them either on the center or near the cuticles. Applying stones to the tips will put them at a risk and you probably will rub them off while performing your chores. So to avoid this from happening, you need to be careful about the placement.
  2. Your household chores are always going to be important even if you’ve just gotten an expensive crystal manicure. Now if you can’t avoid washing dishes every day and if your hands are going to be immersed in water for a long time then it's best that you use hand gloves. Hand gloves will help protect your nails and of course, the stones on them so buy yourself a pair before getting the manicure if you want the best results.

For larger rhinestones, you can apply nail glue around the edge of the rhinestone to better hold it in place.


This is everything you need to know about nail rhinestones and how to use them.  Rhinestone manicure is more like a trend nowadays and it makes sense because with rhinestone attached on your nails, You will become more fashionable.


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