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Black&White: Ink-Painting Butterfly Nails【KADSNailArt】

Jelly white, tint of black, gold foil for butterfly... simply artistic! Today we are going to do a rose &butterfly nail look with KADS new stamping plate Nature 069.
By KADS | 13 June 2022 | 0 Comments

Watercolor Hydrangeas: Summer Jelly Nails『KADS Nail Art』

This hydrangea nail we are going to share today is done with KADS Stamping Plate and KADS Jelly Polish, which could turn the blossoms clear and sheer, like a watercolor painting. Check the guide below if you are interested!
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Elegant and Delicate: Glittering Purple Nails『KADS Nail Art』

How gorgeous these pale purple nails are!  Look at those glittering rhinestone in various shape. So elegant and delicate are these necklace-like design. Let's do this stunning nails together following this step-to-step guide below, with KADS Gel Polish and KADS Nail Decoration!
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Split Heart Nails: Prussian Blue& Orange Soda 『KADS Nail Art』

Undoubtedly, heart nails are most popular on Valentine's Day, but actually they're trendy at all time. There are so many ways to do your heart nails, one of which is the split heart nails. It's simple yet gorgeous, but how do we get these half hearts on two separate fingers? Check this step to step guide, and let's do it together with KADS Stamping Plate Ocean 015!
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Oil-Painting Nails: Remote Green Village『KADS Nail Art』

For today's sharing, we are going to make green nails together. Green grass plains and green mountains, just like the scenery which Heidi enjoyed with her grandpa upon the Alps. It is always healing and soothing to have shades of green on your nails. A matte finish would adds to the design an oil-painting texture. Get KADS Stamping Plate Summer 011 and KADS Stamping Polishes, let's follow the guide below and try it out at home!
By KADS | 09 May 2022 | 0 Comments

The Milky Way: Galaxy Nails『KADS Nail Art』

Are you an astrophile, a lover of stars and galaxy? Doesn't it look incredibly beautiful to put the entire galaxy on our nails? There are multiple ways to get that cosmic look, and for this page we are going to show you how to create a Milky Way through nail stamping. Follow this step-to-step guide and you would be amazed by the sparkling galaxy on your nails!
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Glittering Waterdrop: Candy Glass Paper『KADS Nail Art』

Nail art trend has always been changing, but one of the all-time favorites is candy glass paper nails, using tiny shard-like shapes of iridescent paper to create a light-reflecting manicure. We are also going to use watercolor paint for an ombre effect. If you want to give this design a go, keep reading to check our step-by-step tutorial!
By KADS | 25 April 2022 | 0 Comments

Sakura On The Lake: Oil-Painting Nails『KADS Nail Art』

April is the perfect season to enjoy sakura in full bloom. You must have seen loads of pictures or paintings of sakura on the lake. Why not get yourself sakura nails in this sakura season? Nail art can be as artistic and sophisticated as oil-painting! In this tutorial, we're going to sharing how to make Sakura On The Lake nails with the texture of oil-painting.
By KADS | 18 April 2022 | 0 Comments

Moonlight Sonata: Oil-Painting Nails『KADS Nail Art』

When was the last time you went for a seaside vacation? Do you miss the beautiful moonlight shining and flickering over the vast waters? If a real trip is currently hard to get, why not invite the scenery onto your nails? Check this tutorial for an oil-painting nail design, and let's enjoy the Moonlight Sonata!
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