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What Is an Electric Nail Drill Machine? Why Choose an Electric Nail Filer Machine for Mani & Pedi?

A nail drill machine can reduce the amount of time you spend filling your sculptured nails while also easing the strain on your wrists. If you’ve been to a nail salon recently, you’ve probably seen the technicians using these machines.
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What are Nail Stamping Plates and Why Do You Need to Choose Stamping Plates?

Now you can create a nail art of your choice. Learn about what nail stamping plates are and why you should choose nail stamping plates by KADS Nail Art.
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Acrylic Nail Brushes - Complete Beginners Guide

All you need to know about an acrylic nail brush, how to use one and what to consider when buying one. SHOP KADS nail art products at economical prices.
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All You Need to Know About Nail Glitters

A really important aspect in the world of taking care of yourself is looking after your nails. And there’s no better way to do that than to use high-quality nail glitter to add some glam to your style, making them stand out in front of all. Read on to get a summary of many of the things you might not know about nail glitters!
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Must Have Nail Supply For Every Professional

Do you want to open a salon of your own? Are you looking for the necessary nail supply you need to get started? Let’s learn about it all in this article!
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Your Guide to the Ultimate Know-How About Nail Care Tools

An important aspect of keeping up with fashion trends is to also be up to date with the latest designs that are prevalent in the world of nail care.
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Best Nail Brush Kit Buying Guide

Want to know how to buy the right nail brush kit and where to find the best ones? Let’s explore the answer today in this article
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Rhinestone Nail Art Guide - How To Achieve the Best Manicure Results

If you want to try nail rhinestones then this will be the right guide for you to study. Today we’ll talk about rhinestones and how to use them to flaunt your beautiful nails.
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All You Need To Know About An Electric Nail Drill

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