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By KADS | 24 December 2020 | 0 Comments

Gorgeous Nail Stickers Ready To Adorn Your Fingernails · Part 2『KADS Nail Art』

Looking for our rest five nail art stickers? Here you are! The stickers from KPL006 to KPL009 are mainly on the theme of tropical jungles & flamingos, while KPL010 focuses on beach parties. We have both full cover nail stickers and small pieces. Try out these easy-to-follow manicures and show off your creativity.
Dont forget the floret and leaf stickers when designing flamingo-themed manicures. Try the second one if you prefer wild jungles.


A simple base coat works just well with the blue leaf set from KPL007. Adorn your nails with a matte finish and green plants and florets is a good option as well. 


If you are into baby blue, refreshing your manicure literally with these blue flower decals.


Here is another eye-popping flamingo manicure worth trying.


There is no reason to ignore this one for girls who are heading to a beach party or expecting to enjoy a warm holiday by the sea.


Still cant decide which one is better for your nails? Its actually not a big deal to design your own unique manicures just like the Instagram bloggers. Why not get started and bring these nail stickers into your beauty routine as early as possible.

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