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    NATURE 062 Nail Stamping Plate Flower & Grass & Leaf & Petal & Twig & Star


    The fields in spring and summer are all about swaying blades of grass, flying butterflies, and colorful wildflowers. They have more to share if you wait till the night when dots of light spreading across the field and the dark sky. They seem to be grabbed easily and make a handful of sparkles. That must be a fabulous inspiration for your next manicure!
    Flowers are the most beautiful part of nature, everyone loves them and adores them. Humans always try to keep beautiful things in their possession, this calms them and makes them happy. Get your nail art done with the pretty flowers, it will look most beautiful and eye-catching. These flowers will refresh your mood every time you’ll look at them.
    Description: KDAS has got you covered in this and brought this beautifully crafted stamping plate of flowers. It contains flower, grass, leaf, petal, reed and branch. A super cute butterfly and sun, star, water ripple are also included in this Stamping Plate. Also, it contains the most wanted Polka dots which are loved by everyone.


    1. These designs are super cute yet beautiful. It will make your nail look prettiest.
    2. It is made with a high-quality material, so there is no risk of scratches and damage.
    3. It is made up of the perfect size which can be used for any kind of nails.
    4. There are a variety of options to choose from. Also, you can combine these flowers, leaves and others to make a unique design for your day.
    5. This Stamping Plate is easy to use and takes a little time. It’s best for  beginners and for those who are in hurry.

    How to use:

    Remove the protection film from the Stamping Plate. Apply a right amount of stamping gel to the image Make your scrapper lean at 45 degrees and remove the excessive gel. With the help of gentle rolling motion of stamper, stamp the design on your nails. Always apply top coat for long lasting results.

    Stamping Images
    ♦ Flower, grass, leaf, petal, read, branch
    ♦ Butterfly, sun, star, water ripple
    ♦ Polka dot

NATURE 062 Nail Stamping Plate Flower & Grass & Leaf & Petal & Twig & Star

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