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Lovely Nails for Early Summer『KADS Nail Art』

Lovely Nails for Early Summer
It’s now almost May, which means it’s time to plan your nails for the early summer. A set of  lovely nails can quickly get you into the right mood for the warm weather in May.
You could choose to have lovely patterns with KADS stamping plates or KADS nail stickers, or to have lovely colors with KADS nail polishes.
Check this page and we’re going to share with you some lovely designs for early summer!
Flower Nails
Flower is one of the most lovely images in nail art, especially suitable for our early summer nails. There are multiple ways to make flower nails—nail stamping, hand painting, using nail decorations and so on.Check this design below, a lovely flower is made of nail decoration pearls!

KADS Gel Polish 10C, 32C, 87C, 92C
KADS Mirror Powder Cushion Pen 04
KADS Nail Decorations

Nail decorations pop the flower out, and you could try nail stamping if you prefer the flower to be flat, like these three lovely designs below. Check KADS stamping plates, especially the Immaturity series, you will find all the lovely patterns you need.Decorate you nails with these lovely patterns and fresh colors, make your own flower nails for early summer!

KADS Stamping Plate Fashion 084
KADS Two-in-One Stamping Polish C33, C36, C37
KADS Gel Polish K221

KADS Stamping Plate Immaturity 016
KADS Two-in-One Stamping Polish C01

KADS Stamping Plate Immaturity 026
KADS Two-in-One Stamping Polish C01, C17, C19, C31, C35
KADS Stamping Polish 08, 09

Fruit Nails
Fruit is another lovely image for early summer nails. It’s fun to make a cherry or strawberry, using nail rhinestones, by nail stamping, by hand painting, or with sculpting gel. You could also check KADS nail stickers, some of them are with lovely fruits!
KADS Gel Polish 29C, 73C, 92C, K222
KADS Round Nail Rhinestone Red (search 200149)

KADS Stamping Plate Immaturity 023
KADS Two-in-One Stamping Polish C01, C02, C37, C38, C39
KADS Stamping Polish 08, 13, 25

New French 
There are tons of cool variations of French Nail now. Why not make a twist on a classic French nail with lovely patterns, stamping some tiny flowers onto the tip? This cheerful twist on the French Nail is guaranteed to get you ready for a lovely early summer!
KADS Pearlescent Stamping Polish Z13
KADS Gel Polish 10C, 21Q, 23C, 27C, 34C, 35C, 36C, 40C, 65C, 92C

Emoji Nails
Take your favorite emoji from your phone to your nails. A smile face, or a throbbing heart, these tiny emojis are perfect for lovely early summer nails!

KADS Stamping Plate Immaturity 026
KADS Gel Polish 10C, 88C, 92C, 108C, 114C, K207, K216, K223
KADS Stamping Polish 09

Macaron Rainbow
Try mismatched macaron shades as in the last design. It is never a bad idea to wear pastel colors with lovely patterns like a bunny with a carrot.

KADS Stamping Plate Festival 019
KADS Two-in-One Stamping Polish C01, C21, C31, C37
KADS Stamping Polish 08
KADS Gel Polish K147, K148, K149, K153

Leave a comment below if you like this page, and please tell us what nails you would like us to share in the next article!


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