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By KADS | 08 October 2021 | 0 Comments

Early Autumn Nails『KADS Nail Art』

What are the points that distinguish spring and summer nails from fall and winter nails at a glance? The first is color combination, and the next is patterns. The color combination of spring and summer nails is clear, lively and bright. Early autumn manicure is like the transition between these above two different styles of manicures. It keeps a bit vitality of spring and summer, but more of calm and simplicity of autumn and winter.
Simple Lines
The design of simple lines is very comfortable-looking and suits a lot of office ladies. The following two styles are irregular lines, which is relatively to make. You dont need a strong hand drawing capability and a new hand can draw lines at will to achieve a satisfactory effect. In addition, you can use KADS Nail Stamping Plate Fashion 082 to pick up the line patterns. Choose fall and winter color combination and you will get the feeling of the early autumn.
Amber Caramel Color
There is no doubt that the amber color is the color of autumn. Once again, we recommended KADS Nail Gel Polish K198, which is a jelly amber caramel color. When its polished, its glossy texture is just like the amber stone. But when it is matte, it has the texture of the finest leather. Even if you only apply this color to all your nails, it will look great and not dull at all.

KADS Nail Gel Polish: K155, K198
KADS Flake Gel Polish: K200
KADS Reflective Glitter Gel Polish: K217
KADS Magic Mirror Powder: 03
KADS Gold Foil
KADS Nail Decorations
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea
The inspiration for this milk tea manicure came from the hashtag f the first cup of milk tea of autumn. Milk tea manicures can be done in autumn and winter, and milk green manicures can be done in spring and summer. Milk tea color has been very popular in China, not only in autumn and winter, but also in spring and summer. A lot of people will choose this color. Our milk tea color is clear texture. If applied thickly, it will be more saturated and have a more autumnal feel.

KADS Nail Gel Polish: 40C,106C
KADS Jelly Gel Polish: K222
KADS Eggshell Gel Polish: K206
Animal Grain
What do you know about animal manicures? Common patterns include leopard prints and cow prints which are popular because it is the Year of the Ox. The following three styles have leopard print, but they are all made in different styles. The first one adds gold wire details. The second one is the most basic background color with leopard print. The third one is French animal print.

KADS Nail Gel Polish: 114C, K207, K225
KADS Nail Powder Cushion Pen: 3
KADS Laser Starry Sky Transfer Sticker 07

Simple Nordic Leaf Style
The Nordic style is mainly characterized by simplicity and nature. It rarely uses a large area of complex decorative patterns, or basically give priority to the concise line and color piece. For simple Nordic manicure, the matte texture will give you a closer effect. The following two styles both use KADS Nail Stamping Plate Fashion 080.

KADS Nail Stamping Plate: Fashion 080
KADS Jelly Nail Polish: C01, C17, C37
KADS Metallic Stamping Polish: G02

KADS Nail Stamping Plate: Fashion 080
KADS Nail Gel Polish: 21Q, K207
KADS Nail Powder Cushion Pen: 3
KADS Acrylic Powder: clear
KADS Two in One Stamping PolishC17
Matting resembles the filter that has grainy feeling and can go up with bleak and dusty feeling echo of fall and winter. Just like when we dress, we always want the jacket can go up with the skirt. The following three matte nails will also make you want to pair them with your coats and sweaters. I'm sure no one can resist a manicure that looks warm and stylish.

KADS Nail Stamping Plate: Fashion 082
KADS Nail Gel Polish: 10C, 14C, 82C, 102
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish: C01, C34, C35, C39

KADS Nail Stamping Plate: ZOO, 021
KADS Stamping Polish: 08, 17
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish: C01, C13, C21, C26

Today we shared 7 early autumn manicures in 6 categories, including: simple lines, amber caramel color, brown sugar pearl milk tea, animal grain, simple Nordic leaf style and matting.And the checkerboard pattern, which has been very popular in recent months, is also perfect for early autumn. It isnt listed today, but you can check out our previous article.

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