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Acrylic Nail Brushes - Complete Beginners Guide

Acrylic Nail Brushes - Complete Beginners Guide
 For starters, it's a known fact that acrylic nails are the talk of the town everywhere. It makes sense because acrylics really do look great when done right and the best part is that acrylic manicures are available at almost every salon and almost every professional nail technician provides this service. Moreover, if you’ve had some previous experience with manicures then you can even opt for a DIY acrylic nail manicure at home.
Now when it comes to acrylic nails, have you ever wondered about what’s the most important thing that matters? Of course, it’s the acrylic nail brush! With the right brush, the application will become a lot easier than you can ever think.
Even if you are a professional nail technician, you don’t only need the right acrylic manicure skills but you also need to focus on the quality of brushes that you are using. Quality brushes will attract more customers as you'll be able to do better with your manicure skills.
An acrylic nail brush is similar to a paintbrush which is mainly made of animal hair. The brushes come with bundled hairs that are turned into a cylindrical shape and the top is then compacted to improve the application.

What Is An Acrylic Nail Brush?
Just like any paintbrush, even the acrylic ones come with three main parts and of course, the most important part is the bristles. The bristles of an acrylic nail brush come in different types. For example, some are made of real animal hair, some are made of nylon, As well as
taklon and then some are made of polyester. You can opt for any of these types but what you need to be careful about is that the bristles are supposed to be soft.
Softer bristles will help you give smoother and better acrylic manicures. And when it comes to our suggestion, we'd say that you should go for animal hair because it can hold the liquid for a longer time.
Then comes the middle part of the brush which is also known as a ferrule. It’s made of high-quality metal so that it can hold the bristles together properly. The outside of a ferrule comes with a stainless steel coating to prevent rust. Then the third part of the brush is of course the handle. Now the handle is usually made of wood or plastic. What you need to know here is that the longer the handle, the better control you’ll have so this should be your priority.
The Best Tip for Beginners
If you are a beginner who is just getting started with acrylic nail manicures and if you want to excel here then you should always start With brushes of moderate size first, which is easier for you to control and manipulate the brush in an acrylic manicure.
Moreover, before starting with longer brushes, you need to learn control and that’s what you can do with the smaller ones. Once you are sure that you have the kind of control you need, you can start with longer acrylic brushes.

The Perfect Size That You Need to use
The trick that you need to understand is that the more you’ll practice with the brushes, the better you’ll get with the manicure. However, starting with a Moderately sized brush is always the wiser thing to do. After you’ve got the control you need and when you know you are ready for an upgrade. You can try the brushes with bigger or smaller sizes.
 With the small brushes, you can’t be fast with the manicure and it’ll take you longer to do it especially if you are opting for DIY. The adequate size is 10 for someone who is just getting started with acrylic nail applications. But as you get used to it and want to go for details and speed, you can try other brush sizes to suit your different needs.
 When it comes to an acrylic nail brush, you’ll have two options, crimped or round. Round brushes are suitable for beginners. Because they can hold just enough amount of liquid to get the perfect liquid to powder ratio. Besides, the round brushes with their pointed tips can make it easier to work around the nail edges or cuticle and do some detail work. Crimped brushes are great for experienced nail technicians. They are very easy to use in applying acrylic along the length of the nail.

Whether to choose a round-headed brush or a flat-headed brush depends on your needs and preferences. There are no hard and fast rules.

 How Much Do Acrylic Nail Brushes Cost?
The price of an acrylic nail brush depends on where you are buying it from. It varies between $5 to $50 on average and if you want something top-notch quality then of course you’ll have to put in some more money here.
Now there are literally hundreds of places where you can get an acrylic nail brush. But the problem is that you won’t be able to tell which one’s worth your money and which one’s not. To cut down this hassle for you, we have just the perfect place that can deliver you quality brushes at extremely affordable prices.
Here we are talking about none other than Kadsnailart.com. KADS has been in the nail supply business for a long time and this brand is quite popular all around for providing the most quality nail supplies at very reasonable prices. So if you are on a budget and don’t want to compromise on the quality at the same time then try KADS Nail art. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

How to Prep a Brand New Acrylic Brush?

1.  Poke apart the bristles and rub with your finger pulp to remove its original gel.
2. Use scissors to cut off the furcated bristles popping out.
3. It would be better to cut at the base of the bristles.
4. Pour some acrylic liquid into a glass dappen dish.
5. Gently press the bristles into the dish, pull it back and turn it over several times.
6. Slide the brush on a tissue to dry the bristles.
7. Then we have the acrylic brush ready.

How To Make Sure That Your Acrylic Brush Lasts Longer?
It doesn’t matter if you are a nail technician or someone who loves DIY manicures, in both cases, you’d want your brush to last longer. Well if that’s the case then you just have to be very careful when using one.
The best way to make sure that your brush lasts longer is to clean it after using it. If you don't properly clean the bristles after each use then of course they’ll start getting rough and you won’t be able to get your desired results. So just make sure to clean it and keep it somewhere safe so that the brush can work for a long time for you.
Now that you know everything about how to use an acrylic nail brush, how to buy the best one and how to shape one, it’ll be easier for you to provide acrylic nail manicure services. Even if you are buying a brush for home use, you still have to follow the same drill to make sure that you make the most out of it. Overall, just buy a quality brush even if it means spending a little extra money. With the right brush, you’ll be able to achieve the best acrylic manicure goals. 

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